CBD Oil – Full Spectrum CBN Formulation 600mg


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A bedtime story in a bottle.

Our #6 Dream tincture combines the power of CBD with concentrated amounts of CBN to ease tension and promote a deep sense of calm. Whether you want to chill out or get some sleep, this blend will calm both your body and your mind.

Product Description


Relieves Stress
Promotes Restful Sleep

Product Information

Suggested Use

Take 1 dropper 30 minutes before bed or as needed.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Additional Information

Though it is only in its beginnings, research suggests CBN possesses sedative properties. As a byproduct of THC, cannabinol (CBN) boasts similar benefits to its parent without the psychoactive effects. This formula is THC compliant and offers 15 mg of CBD and 5 mg of CBN per serving.


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    Sweet Dreams

    I love this tincture so much. It helps me achieve a deep sleep without feeling groggy in the morning. I’ve been able to replace my nightly 10mgs of melatonin with one half dropper of this CBN tincture. I’m so happy about the results and being done with the melatonin! Also, the flavor is so good. It’s hard to find a cbd oil that actually tastes good but this one does. It’s a nice combo of banana and coconut flavors.

    - Josefine

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