Organic CBD Gummies – 150mg Broad Spectrum 02 – 30 count

$39.99 or $29.99 / month

Lab Tested
Organic Hemp

30 count, 5mg CBD per gummy

Unlike other gummies, which are full of animal by-products and packed with toxins, our hemp gummies are all natural, organic, and even vegan!  Go ahead, put us to the test and see how our high quality gummies rise above the rest!

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Product Description


Support relief from everyday stressors*
Ease normal anxiety*
Encourage relaxation, without drowsiness*

Additional Information

Quick, efficient and delicious!
BFF’s new CBD gummies are great for travel and people on the go.

Product Information

Additional Information

A blend of terpenes and cannabinoids work together in our 02 hemp oil to achieve a balanced, soothing effect for both your body and mind.  It may help promote relaxation, support relief from everyday pain and inflammation, and even manage everyday stressors.

You’ll especially want to try 02 if…
● You want to try an oil that’s mostly CBD
● You’re sensitive to or cannot have THC
● You’re seeking the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil without any THC*
● You suffer from chronic pain*
● You’re looking to maintain general wellness*
● You’re looking for a product that may promote a healthy inflammatory response*
● You’re concerned about CBD making you drowsy

* The following states have restricted the sale of hemp/CBD products: Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Additionally, some states have restricted the sale of edibles so this product is also not available in Maine, New York, North Carolina, and Ohio.


3 Reviews

    Calms me down without side effects

    I take one or two Gummies when I feel anxious, and it helps calm me down without the side effects of prescription drugs.

    - Maude

    Taste great!

    I love taking a few of these throughout the day to help me relax as I have severe anxiety. And they’re vegan!

    - Justin

    So good

    I take a couple gummies a day and they are very helpful in making me relax and they taste amazing

    - Jerry

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