BFF Pets 05- Dog & Cat Tincture- 300mg

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Lab Tested
Organic Hemp

Our Pet tincture is made using our #5 Whole Plant Extract, which is perfect to deliver a balanced therapeutic effect to your furry friends.

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Antioxidant Support
Bone and Joint Health
Healthy Cognitive Function

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Made with Our 05 Whole Plant Extract

Whole Plant Extract is the outcome of the first extraction
process of hemp. This results in a highly diverse profile of
cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes, referred to as a Whole Plant
Extract or WPE. A rich, darker amber in color, this oil has all of
the CBD fats, and resins still within. Typically, we will process
out the waxes and fats leaving behind a rich array of CBD, CBG,
CBDV, CBC, THC and other cannabinoids. WPE has the highest
terpene content and will immediately intrigue your sense
of smell with earthy, rich, and soothing plant essences.

* The following states have restricted the sale of hemp/CBD products: Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota.



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